New school year

Today is day 2 of this years diploma course; once again I am surrounded by some amazing people who’ve decided to join the adventure to a gaining new skills and ways of thinking. This year we’ve students from UK, Romania, Norway and some late entries from Singapore, Denmark and Australia. Always incredible to catch up with people who’ve got their lives or family members back through using the LP or some of our related programmes…

final days of summer

Was very fortunate to find myself riding through Normandy yesterday; one of the trip’s purposes was to discuss the exciting business of creating a new word in French. Those of you at the DO lectures last week will know all about this, and the role the new word ‘dû’ plays in the Lightning Process.
Anyway, it was amazingly sunny and beautiful, and if that was the last day of summer (as it sure did rain heavily this morning on the way back to Calais), then it’s one I will treasure through the winter months.