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Public speaking made easy.
I’ve worked with thousands of people, including myself, who had a paralysing fear of public speaking. Very often they would be people who were incredibly confident in many other situations including chatting with strangers, but somehow when the idea speaking public came up, they just collapsed.

Your already an expert
In fact you may be surprised to know that you have actually already mastered the skill of getting your message across effectively in public. As a child you would have been very confident making yourself heard and screaming infront of any audience!

If we were once all good at it, how come we’re not good now?
The secret to being confident or losing it when public speaking lies in your brain pathways.
Well, through practice, both during presentations and by running over a future presentation in your head, and seeing it going disastrously wrong, we unwittingly wire our brains to prepare to be scared.

To resolve this all we need to do is rewire brains using a process called neuroplasticity ( see video below) to get different, better, more confident brain pathways firing instead.

Time to rewire
Follow the steps below to rewire your brain and so you can start  to imagine any forthcoming presentation in a new and powerfully confident way
Step one
Remember a time when you felt confident, ideally it will be a time when you were speaking with someone, but if it’s just some confidence in some other situation that’s fine too.
Step two
Takes those feelings and imagine you are a bird flying over the presentation. See yourself from a distance being calm, confident and in charge.
Step three
Beam those feelings down from the bird into that you that is getting ready to speak. Notice how confident they look, how easy it is for them to speak.
Step four
Float down into the audience and see how it feels to watch you being confident. Listen to the voices inside their heads of the people watching saying ‘wow I wish I could do that’
Step five
Float into the future 10 years from now when you have already become brilliant this simply through practice. Step into the you that you are in 10 years time, and feeling how that feels beam those feelings all the way back to the you who is standing presenting at the forthcoming event
Step six
Step into that new calm you on the stage and feel how that naturally feels to be confident, calm, powerful and excited about letting people know what you have to offer.

That’s it job done!

Let me know how brilliantly you do in your next presentation.

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Thanks for reading, do you have any suggestions for what you’d like me to cover in this weeks blogs or any questions? If so please leave a comment
Much Love 

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