Essential NLP podcast

Have you ever wanted to know how the brain works and how you can make it work for you?

In 30 years of working in the field NLP is the closest thing I’ve come across to a manual for the brain. It combines great original thinking with concepts from the most effect personal development approaches and neuroscience.
Over the last few months you’ve seen some amazing videos on this blog about people learning how to spell, getting over fears of heights or blood, stopping eating chips or chocolate. These all were examples the power of the brain and what’s possible with NLP.

So if you fancy a paddle in the warm waters of the NLP ocean then check out my free podcast series. It’s designed to strip away some of the nonsense and mystery of this fascinatingly practical approach to change and give you some tools you can put straight into practice in your life and business.
Podcast 1 Introduces the field of NLP with some practical exercises about how the brain works
Podcast 2 Covers two vital areas for improving your life and relationships:- Rapport and States
Podcast 3 Covers Language and Neuroplasticity, how you can use the latest brain science research to get your brain woking for you 
Podcast 4 Covers Well Formed Outcomes- the starting point for working out what you want and designing it in a way that makes your brain start to work towards getting it

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