I CAN DO IT conference

At the I CAN DO IT conference this weekend I was amazed by the number of people who wished to talk to me after hearing my lecture.
I felt very moved by one person in particular…
In my lecture I talked about how I’d been told I would never recover from a serious nerve injury I received when I was 20. My ulnar nerve, the one that controls the delicate finger movements, had been severed, and the medical prognosis for this injury is, basically, you’ll never recover. Not good news if, like me, you’re a professional guitarist and osteopath.

I decided I would find a way to prove them wrong, and I’m pleased to say, I did.
In my lecture I discussed what I thought was pivotal to my recovery and how this had resulted in my development of the Lightning Process.

After the talk a young woman came up to me.
“That was so inspiring” she said, and then broke down into tears.
After a few minutes composing herself and unnecessarily apologising for her outburst of emotion she explained herself by simply rolling up her sleeve.
There, obvious for everyone to see, was an almost identical injury to mine. 15 months previously she had severed her ulnar nerve too, and was told, just like I was , ‘You’ll never be able to move your fingers again.’
‘You’re the first person I have come across since I had my accident who had anything positive to say, was able to give me any hope of recovery. I can’t thank you enough! I now think I’ve got a chance. Thank you, thank you.’

Wow! Words really do change futures; make sure you use yours well.
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