Latitudinal cusine, sustainability, Glove love and the do lectures

Met up with some amazing people last night at a meeting for Do lecturers and attendees. Lots of inspiring conversations ranging from Latitudinal cuisine (a group of brilliant people who meet for dinner every week- each is themed on a different latitude and longitude, and everyone is welcome to join in),

much talk of sustainability (but in a new more dynamic style) and how to get companies to see profit as being bigger than simply an issue of ‘the bottom line’.

One of the things I found most intriguing was Glove love. From ‘do the green thing’. “We take lonely single gloves that have lost their original partners, wash them and then pair them with brand new glove lovers.” how many times have we seen a lonely single glove lying on the ground, well now it can have a new life. Check out the site for simple and interesting approaches to sustainability

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