Nick Dougherty and Phil Parker: Peak Performance in Golf Team

This week I had the pleasure of starting to work with Nick Dougherty, one of the UK’s most promising golfers. Nick was the Sir Henry Cotton Rookie of the Year, finishing 36th in his first season, was picked as the protégé of Sir Nick Faldo, led after the 1st round of the US open in 2007 and has won on the European tour three times. However in the last 20 months he has only made the cut once, so we are working together to get him back to his normally brilliant peak performance. 

Last week at the Portugal masters I got my first view of the situation, with Nick getting a difficult +6 1st round. Fascinating stuff, it became clear what the blocks are and what needs to be done to change things round; after the round we spent a few hours using working together using the P4 (Phil Parker Peak Performance) strategy, and are already seeing positive changes as the next day Nick scored a par for the second round. Expecting even bigger things for Castelló Masters this week…

Golf Tip for the day:
 It might seem obvious but when you get or more precisely dû stressed (see website for explanation), it tightens up your muscles and primes your nervous system in a way which makes your practiced swing less likely to flow. One easy way to remedy this is to make sure you have more fun on the course.
Life tip for the day: 
Exactly the same as above!

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