NLP Mind Tools: getting up easily, over eating, spelling

This weekend I thoroughly enjoyed myself training people in skills of NLP. For those of you new to this, NLP is best described as the closest thing we have to a manual for how the mind works. This is so exciting as most of our problems occur because we have no idea of how to use our mind to good effect.
And like any education program that is worth anything, learning and teaching NLP is great fun.
This weekend we explored the power and application of NLP by working through a number of interesting topics. Here’s just 3 of them- we looked at:

1) How some people find it impossible to resist certain foods, normally the ones that are bad for them- you rarely find people who are addicted to salad! – And teaching them how to become ambivalent about those foods; the person we worked with on this weekend found crisps potato chips impossible to resist. Everyday she would eat at least one large packet. This week she wrote:

Just to let you know I have not had a single crisp since Saturday.  I am extremely proud of myself and I think I am doing damn well.

These things are so easy to change when you know how… just send me an email – and I’ll send you a link to the free video on exactly how to do it.

2) How some people get up instantly in the morning instead of fighting the alarm clock- and learning how to be like them. You can watch a short video I made about this.

3) How some people appear to be poor spellers and others are excellent at it. Is it possible to help people with lifelong dyslexia spell? In 15 minutes? Surprisingly the answer is yes.

One guy had just celebrated his 60th birthday, throughout all those years he had always been a dreadful speller, this had caused him all sorts of problems in his educational and professional life.
Within 15 minutes he was spelling receipt and diarrhoea, two of the most commonly misspelled words, perfectly.
In fact he could even spell them backwards and forwards. 
He sent me this brief success story:

I have been obsessed with remembering numbers and words following the work done with Phil over the weekend.  I can now recite both my car registration and mobile number for the first time ever.  I even impressed my wife by walking around the house spelling diarrhoea over and over again!!!

There’s also a video of me working with two girls with dyslexia here.

If you would like to learn how to spell effectively no matter how long you’ve had a problem, then you probably want to check out my dyslexia DVD.

This won’t be for everyone but if you’d like to learn how to teach these skills to others, and check out our brilliant NLP training course

Thanks for reading, do you have any suggestions for what you’d like me to cover in this weeks blogs or any questions? If so please leave a comment.
Much Love

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