Phil’s Do lecture

Just found my do lecture has gone online. Luckily it looks ok, speaking on a stage which is lit so you can’t see the audience for the glare of the lights always makes it difficult to gauge how its going.

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  1. Very inspiring talk, Phil

    As I’d like to put your advice into practice right away, and English is not my native language, I’d be interested to know which word you came with for the translation of “dûing” in French.

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Alexandre, I was discussing the French word for ‘dûing’ this weekend with my French colleague, as all langauges are very culturally important to their speakers it’s not always a simple task! We are still asking opinons about the best phrase/word to use so I’d appreciate your input.
    Current favourites are the phrase ‘créer inconsciemment’ or a variant of créer with a different/unfamiliar accent; ‘crêer’
    Let me know what you think…

  3. Hi Alexandre

    I’m Phil’s french colleague working on the current translation of “dû”. Some of my previous french clients thought that inventing a new word didn’t sound serious enough or credible enough for the French people, considering their skeptical approach to change…!What’s your input on that? I’m considering here french people in France, not only expat who generally are more open-minded…



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