Recovery Champions

On Thursday I had the privilege of working with a group of Recovery Champions in Camden. They’ve been through the journey of recovering their lives from addictions to a variety of street drugs and that’s what makes them champions as stats for long term abstinence for those attending drug treatment services are horrifically poor. 
This inspired new venture however is designed to counteract some of the inevitable hopelessness that can come when being faced with such apparently poor chances of success. The idea is to bring in these Champions to share their success stories and re ignite the possibility of hope for those working through recovery. 
We spent a fascinating few hours looking at how to use their experiences to motivate others, what kind of challenges and inertia they would face and how to start to make a difference.
Incredible courageous people who want to give something back; thanks to SHP’s inspired Camden After Care team and especially their service manager Natasha Warne for the invite.

If they can achieve that change, then it is possible to achieve it, but what needs to happen to make that less of a random occurrence and more of a certainty?
And if they can achieve that change, then what could you do?

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