Success Version 2013

As it is the New Year I’ve been pondering on what’s important.  In previous years, like many of us, I’ve set goals,  which is never a bad thing, but this year instead of focusing on getting more followers on Twitter or Facebook or even following the worthy credo “What if you were to die tomorrow?  
If you knew that how would you make sure that this day was the sum of everything you’ve ever achieved”,  I thought  this year I would approach the new year slightly differently.

What if I lived today according to my highest goals-  which, on reflection, are not to achieve loads of significant and seriously important things –  although I like doing that too, but to have fun, to experience happiness and share that with others.

For it still follows that if we are all to die tomorrow, due to the delayed Mayan prophecy or some such,  then, in fact,  living today in that way, would have be the perfect day to end on.

So maybe we need to redefine success as being happy and true to ourselves?
What do you think?

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