1 minute to… Increase your happiness

1 minute to… Increase your happiness by Phil Parker, the personal development expert.

Hi, Happy Monday!

These tips are taken from my research into happiness. I’ve spent time talking in depth to thousands of deeply depressed and unhappy people and also to thousands of happy people. It probably comes as no surprise to find they look at life quite differently. Here’s the top tips from the happy folk (mostly, the deeply unhappy people did the opposite!)

1)     The more present we are to being in ‘this moment’ the more we move away from the distractions of the past or future that stop us experiencing happiness
2)     Ask yourself “What’s really important in my life right now?” Think big, less of ‘the washing up has to be done’ and more of ‘spending time with those I really care about’
3)     Focus up on the good. Make a scrapbook of your happy times; look through it and add to it everyday.
4)     Hang around happy people and limit your exposure to ‘happiness vampires’
5)     Plan to have fun, and seize the opportunities that spontaneously arise
Seems simple? well that’s what I thought, but I found in my research that’s consistently all you need to do to live a happier life; so why not try it out?

How many
of these do you currently practice?
How much do you recognise this in others who have the happiness you want?
Do you have any other tips? Please let me know
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