1 minute to…Boost your confidence

1 minute to…Boost your confidence, by Phil Parker, Personal Development Expert
1) Confidence is only measured by how confident YOU feel. So, although we sometimes fret about what others think, we don’t need to change other people’s perceptions of us, just how we feel about ourselves, and that’s easiest to do
2) Others will be guided by how you act, so appear confident: stand up tall, breath easily, make good eye contact, speak knowing you DO know what you are talking about
3) Boost your brain. Wake up those parts of your neurology that know all about confidence, by mentally TAKING YOURSELF BACK to a time when you felt very confident
4) Talk to yourself positively; use the present tense (‘I am’ not ‘I will be’) and positive words rather than negatives; I am confident (not I am not going to mess this up)
5) You can do it!!

For more read Phil’s book the 10 Questions 

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